March Meet
"The Hedge Factor"
at Famoso Raceway
March 2002
by Ruthi

A family reunion, WoW it was soooo! good to see the team. Man ya just don't realize how much they'd be missed. Since our move to New Mexico we've been running of a different kind of Horse Power (x 5), and a little pig power er ah and ah goat power. . . .The animal house is almost complete and is now home of the original "Hedge Hog" Kevin Bacon
(The Family!)
Did you notice that we were sportin a new red and black matt. We also have a new logo on the car! "The Hedge Factor". Our very own Bert Toulotte graciously designs and produces our coveted Team T's and this time they were an extra special red with Black sweatshirts to match. "Love you, Bert".

Frank found time to install his new bumper, whew just in time for 1st Round Qual, hey, what are races for? Did you know that Frank has taken up a new sport, in the spirit of New Mexico!!!! hint, hint, hint! notice the license plate!

What! And no Weenee machine! Looks like it's doughnuts and coffee again!
I realize that my reality of time, space and age is a bit warped. When I talk to some of these guys that remember watching Frank when he was in his mid 20's and they were just kids. Hell! they all look the same age to me. They were about 10 at the time. . . I was . . .6 Hmmmmmm!

1st RQ we cranked out a 6:39, just think what it could have been if we were running on all 8. . . .wow!

How about Murphy's pass, I ask myself "what made him do that?" Probably has something to do with being chased across the finish line. . . . .in his own lane. Hah

Wait a minute!
Tim has something to say!

Isn't he cute! Our demon this drag might very well be the wings. If they are as efficient as we think, combined with the new tires. We were looking forward to seeing some real good times.
Ya know! Frank drove to LA to meet up with guys for a test run, imagine his suprise(Tom laughing quietly)when he realizes that the team has saved up the entire "putting the car back together" "special kodak moment" just for Frank. . . doh! Frank exclaims!

Scenes from March Meet 2002!

2nd QR left us with a 6:04 and a 239.93mph. Wow that put us in 6th slot. Do you see what I mean about running on all 8! This is going to be a tight race. Still gotta beat a 5:94. Hats off to Steiner, he has certainly mixed up the right potion this time and it has been pure magic. Speaking of Magic, we were given 1st round eliminations on Sunday and then knocked out in 2nd round by Denver Shutz 6:18 to a 6:19. We were 6:18 but Denver's reaction time was a tad better. Ouch!

Kent Terry was the real winner this March Meet. He had a new ride, he looked calm, he was smiling and he out did his own personal best...Not once but twice. There was a bounce in his step that I don't think I've ever seen before. Psst! I think he got younger too! Kent took the Circuit Breaker all the way to the finals, knocking out Pulde and Harris and then the old CB just couldn't go any further. Even with the help of the Ground Zero team. There were no more spare circuits to break and they had to sit this one out and Harris stepped back in. So! tell me! How many times CAN you shoot the Sheriff.
Our thoughts were with Joy and Kent as they roughed it out at the track all night. It's such a shame that they had to stay in their little camper with it's inconvenient his and her closets. That dambed expandable living room, the annoying big screen and those nasty leather seats. I would have gladly given up my hotel room for them. Had we only known(deep sigh)!

More Drag Racing Family and Friends!

Done! Gotta Go!
See you in Tucson
Don't forget your sunscreen
"vrooom vrooomm"

(Photo by Mike Boersma)