Speed World
by Ruthi A. Hedge

It is so good to be back at this track
and man is the weather absolutely gorgeous

We were just here! gahhh!

The only saving grace about taking this trip
again so soon is hearing Bill Handle and
Rush Limbaugh on the radio, and of course
the CHRR! Frank is in heaven! We can't
get these radio stations out in New Mexico,
hell we can't get any radio stations where
we are! We can't get cell phone either. . .but
that has it's advantages.

Walt sent me some great photos from Oklahoma and Phoenix!
If anyone out there has any photos from Thunder Valley in August please e-mail them to me if you can!
(Here's the Thundervalley story!)

We are here at the CHRR 2002 and wow we are already off to a good start....I got event T-shirts before they are all gone yeah! Sure have alot people stopping in with memorabilia from Frank's past with the A&W car. One in particular was Mike Fair with the brake knob that used to be a spiket handle at one of Frank's Rootbeer stand.
The family is showing up one by one. We are in heaven; parked with the Green's to the left and Dunlap to the right. Friday at the race track no racing to be done by Top Fuel and so for the first time, since I started this racing gig, I am able to just visit and enjoy the event. But that bors, so tomorrow will be great, there will be too much to do and things will feel normal again.
What is going on here! These cars are producing one amazing time right after another. Who knew! Who would have thought that only a year ago that a 6:10 would have been amazing and now it knocks you into the B class and if you ran a 6:18 you were out of the game completely. Whew, I'm dizzy! And that wheelee by ____________(he asks himself do we need weight in the nose?). . . .um. . . . .I think so!
Done! Gotta Go!
"vrooom vrooomm"
Wow! things are really lookin great!