"Techno" Tim Gibson's shining past!
"This 1951 Ford 2-door V8 flathead with silver handpainted wheels was a gift from his uncle, well not exactly. Tim had been harping at his Uncle since he was 5. This car was his grandparent's first new car purchased in 1951. His uncle was buying a new car and his dad offered to pay his Uncle 300.00 for the old Ford. This got Tim's attention but he was not prepared for his Dad's next statement when his Uncle asked what he was going to do with it his Dad said "I'll give it to Tim. Tim did a little "buckwheat but graciously accepted it, however, he was only 14. So at this tender age our little Techno had his first car. He couldn't legally drive, and of course that stopped him. . .yeah right! Tim looked over his situation and decided, like most kids his age, to throw a 239 stock Ford with 60 over and a Y-block with 3 Stromberg 97 2bbls and a 3 speed Hurst shifter on the floor. He would add an Isky 404 Jr. Cam and a Merc crankshaft throw in Jahns Pistons, Wiend Heads and an Offenheimer maniford and have it ready to race by the time he was 16. This would give him growth time so that he could reach the pedals and see over the dash, both at the same time. . . . But first he would need a place to work on the car, and since there wasn't a shop at home he would have to turn else where. Kenny Lomers was his good friend and he was leaving to join the military so he offered his shop and Tim jumped on it. Mr. Lomer, Kenny's Dad sort of came with the deal. Mr. Lomer helped Tim with what he didn't understand(figure that one out). By this time Flatheads were old technology and he was able to pick up parts from peoples attics real cheap. The candles weren't even out and Tim had her in the Dauphin Island Dragstrip, just south of Mobile, Tim was 16.