"The Root Beer Report 2014"
APRIL 2001
by Ruthi

Well, here we are, we finally made it back from Fallon Nevada. What an experience that was. First, we are just a drivin along singin a song and then suddenly there was a loud clack, clack, clack (sounded like the trailer supports were digging into the road at 50 miles per hour) then there was silence (not the trailer support). My darlin Franki gets out and surveys the situation and discovers that it was only the front of the crank divorcing itself from the back. I had just remembered that is was Friday the 13th but I sorta felt that 4am was not the time to tell Frank, eh! I'll wait till 5. Just about that time Todd and Tim drove up in our van. YES! First things firstů. Get in the van and turn on some heat (it came as no surprise to me that sunrise revealed snow on the mountains). Now it's time for a "recon mission" to Bishop. Brain food is what we needed. Ah, chows done and now we need to think; so we assumed the standard supine thinking position (some prefer fetal). We had just got down to some really hard thinking, (in fact we almost had it solved), when Tom Shelar and his son Patrick arrived in the motor home. The dilema was looming ever so near. . .Fallon or go home. What do we do? "Let's find a truck first," Frank says gruffly. (He's so smart!). Sooooo! Tom Shelar called Walt Stevens, who called Don Ewald, who called John Ewald, who called his friends in . . . . .Bishop!!!!!! Who Knew?
Earlier while en-route to our thought processing location we had spied a farm feed store that had U-haul rentals, and the nice folks there sent us to the Toyota dealership (which is really Chevy) but hey! There we met Bill Ohmer.
(He has a really neat little door slammer),
Bill has these on display at the dealership!
who sent us to the local radio station to announce our plight over the air. Hey sounds good to me! So we are off to the radio station! As we approach our road side caravan, there is this guy pulling up in a big red truck. He gets out and walks up to the trailer wearing a big red and white flowerdy Hawaiian shirt,
(kinda cute too!)
Well, anyway! Big Red turns out to be John Ewalds' old friend Bill Pratt (he was John's best man, way back when). Small world!
So Bill Says "Bill Ohmer called and said they found you a truck". Right after that,
(Wait, it keeps getting better!)
Bill hooks to our poor ol' Dually and hauls her into Warren's Auto Repair. We pull up, and the guys at Warren approach us and talk a bit with Bill, then emerges Randy from Warren's Auto with tools in hand. He proceeds to detach the trailer ball from our truck. . .for us,
via the "hot wrench".
(this thing has been bolted in since 1976!)
We are also greeted by the parts man at Warren's Auto Repair, the tin looking man with a muffler gut and wirey hair! During this whole time I'm still thinking about this unknown stranger that everyone here seems to know, and is doing all this work based on this man's word. It was awsome! You see this other guy, (that we have not yet seen) has given his permission for us to drill holes in his truck and mount our trailer ball. (In disbelief and utmost appreciation we watch). Once they are done we are on our way to meet the man who has, sight unseen, offered to lend us his truck. Wow! Everything is happening so fast, I just can't begin to explain! Well, anyway we go back over to the Toyota/Chevy dealership and meet Glenn Allman,
"The man behind the truck".
A sweetheart of a man that simply heard that we needed help and happened have a truck available. So he hops in the van and we give him a ride to his house and meet his wife and his 2 labs.
And...then... we see her.
I named her "Low Mile"
There she is, just sitting there waiting for us to take her for a spin. Bill fires her up and we head back over to the the dealership to drop Glenn off, and Bill Ohmer tells us to come on in. (Remember what I said about it getting better) Well, we pull "Low Mile" into Glenn's stall and start the modification to the bed. (Picture this, we are using Bill's shop and Glenn's time already). As we head to our car for tools, Glenn stops us and says here use mine. (Not only did Glenn let us drill holes in the truck bed he even brought the tools for us to use as well). Bill and Glen were unbelievable, I hadn't seen this kind of trust sincere want to be helpful since I left Klamath Falls Oregon. It's coming to the end of this adventure and we sadly help Glenn pull the racks off of "Low Mile" and gently place them onto his other truck and then it was time for us to go. But, not before we stopped at Schatt's Bakery for our annual "Chili Cheese Bread" fix. Ahhhhhh!
Back at the Caravan, we hook up to the trailer, feeling real loved n fuzzy. But, it didn't last long. I knew the adventure couldn't be over yet! We let the weight down on "Low Mile", very low. Yikes! It looked awfull, it really felt like it needed flaired fenders(ssshhhh it was the only way that it would move forward).
Uh..Oh! It....Won't....Uh..Stop! (guess we'd better hook up the trailer brakes)!
We finally roll into the track about 7 firing on 7. No way were we gonna be able to make the race that night. We did do a little chasin'(tequila with orange juice). It was wonderful even though we got ourselves kicked out of the bar. We were way to logical for that mother-daughter team. We even had the bouncer on our side.
Saturday bright and early we head to the track ready to race. What a red letter day this was going to be. Once were all set up boom here comes the Green's. Haven't seen them since Oklahoma! Like I said "red letter day"!

Here are just some fun shots!
(Check the timing of the Whizzer in the back ground)

Fallon landscape?

Nope! Just a pan of oil. Cool huh!
Our first qualifying pass is this morning and Tim had to shut her down at 1000 feet, she's just runnin to rich.
Second qualifying pass for us was the night race. It's like being in a hole new world racing at night. It all seems so glamorus until she goes up in smoke right from the very start. Still too rich. Kinda hard to miss the smoke at night, I prefer flames.
Sunday morning we start out with the cars on parade and some 100 years of racing, collectively that is.
1st round emilinations and we lost number 8 cylinder at the starting line. As the tires started to spin the cylinder went and took away just enough to grip the tires and later down the track it lost number 2 but still kept moving along, strong to the finish line. Good enough to take this round of eliminations away from Murphy. The Mastercam Deva was a real lady this morning but this was to be our last hurrah for Fallon as Harris spanked us at the light, in 2nd round eliminations, with an impressive 6.15! Don't ya just love it.
Chick a boom!

More Drag Racing Family and Friends!

Viva Las Vegas
"vrooom vrooomm"

(Photo by Mike Boersma)