by Ruthi
Before the 1st qualifying run on Friday we had a few chores to take care of. Ernie took care of the tires and Mylo at Advance Muffler and Automotive
(Mylo thinks it's "Mylo's Muffler Shop")
took care of the noise.
Our three year old throttle cable was a little sticky last week while testing the car and Tim suggested we replace it. SOOOO, we went and got the latest push, pull, tie in a knot, rugga, rugga cable and stuffed it in the car.
So here we are just after the 1st qualifying run that wasn't. Wow talk about, ready, get set, hold it, wait a second, OK NOW! Ready, get set....hmmm. What can we say, our brand new come catch me throttle cable was writing the rules for us this day. The lights came up yellow then green(we were about to experience our new injector and scoop for it's very first full run, tension mounting)just to have the car roll slowly, veeeerrrryy slowly, past the starting line. Tim say's, as he carefully crawls out "am I dead? what happened?".

Racing Family and Friends!

Was it ever cold today, I kept retyping cause my fingers just did not want to bend and stretch very quickly. The visitors and support today was incredible. Everyone was so excited about the changes and really liked the new scoop. Ken and Sigrunn Doran stopped by and brought the team some beer nuts!(we met them at Indy last year). THANK SO MUCH!
Larry O'frea met up with us at the check-in line and planted a huge kiss on me. Ya know these drag race types are the friendliest, most loving people, or are they just typical old men, with a hobby!

Here She is
It's Saturday and Tom made like a "Ridge Route Terror" last night running to LA to grab the old cables and find us another new one. Due to weather we are cut down to one more qualifying run. . .oh no, no, it's two, no it's. . .one Who knows? Just work with it, OK! You just had to be there to help make up their minds. It has got to be an impossible task to keep a race schedule together with the rain jumping in from time to time.
Our little sweetheart is being a bit of a difficult child. We bought her new jewels and made her a new hat and still that wasn't enough for her to behave.
The second qualifying pass was starting out to be beautiful to the three-quarter point when she decided to drift towards the center. Buy now you're contorting your body turning the car with your own imaginary steering wheel, while at the same time pointing towards the outside of the lane, (as if the car will see this and change her ways), or yelling out "back to the left" (as if Tim hadn't already figured this one out). She crosses the center line and Tim is forced to abort. After the run Tim say's "I had her cranked completely to the left and she just kept going to the right". Frank looked at Walt . . . Walt looked at Frank "time to ground her. . . crank more front wing in her".
She finally came around for the 3rd qualifying run, sorta, slipping us in 5th with a 6.20 227MPH before she decided to throw off her belt.. Owch....

Sunday morning just before the first round of top fuel elmination I caught Walt dipping his fingers in the Orange Crate!
(and a few other body parts as well).
We are racing against McClellan and Dave Smith at 9:30am. The crew is jammin this morning but not any more than last night. We are all so excited and the anticipation of what is to come is just about to cause all our chests to burst. Stay calm is the look we get from Frank, "One race at a time" like a recovering alcoholic..."One race at a time".
One race at a time…..yep… McClellan spanked us at the starting line and just when Tim was starting to gain on him the child turned into a "Spoiled Deva" in the blink of an eye and Tim had a face full of oil as she threw us another curve and left Tim in flames, really big flames!
Many stopped to give their condolences but, ya know victory is so much sweeter when it's earned. Like drinking water for the first time or the first swallow of ice cold beer on a blistering hot day.
She's a bitchy mistress this Mastercam deva. We'll spend the time to wine her and dine her and figure out what's bothering her now. See you in Fallon Nevada!

More Drag Racing Family and Friends!

Off to Nevada!!!! YIPPPEEEE
"vrooom vrooomm"