MARCH MEET 2001 "Update"
by Ruthi
Here we are just after the 1st qualifying run that wasn't. Wow Talk about, ready, get set, hold it, wait second, OK NOW! Ready, get set....hmmm. What can we say, the throttle link came loose and it just sat there. Tim say's, as he slowly crawls out "am I dead, what happened".
Was it ever cold today, I kept retyping cause my fingers just did not want to bend and stretch very quickly. The visitors and support today was incredible. Everyone was so excited about the changes and really drooling over the new scoop. We were graced with visit from Ken and Sigrunn Doran, they stopped by for and brought the team some beer nuts and snaks! THANK SO MUCH! Larry O'frea met up with us at the tag line and planted a huge kiss on me. Larry.... A real friendly bunch we have here.
Don Prieto, Tom West, Dale and Anita Smith the whole gang stopped in. So now we are down to 1QR, no, no, it's 2, no it's Who Knows! Just work with it, OK!
Our little sweetheart is being a bit of a difficult child this race. We bought her new jewels and made her a new hat and it still wasn't enough for her to behave. Still she qualified us in 5th with a 6.20 227MPH before she threw off her belt.. Owch....So we are racing against McClellan this morning at 9:30. The crew is jammin this morning but not any more than last night. We are all so excited and the anticipation of what is to come is just about to cause all our chests to burst. Stay calm is the look we get from Frank, "One race at a time" like a recovering alcoholic..."One race at a time".

Here we go! See you in Bakersfield!!!! YIPPPEEEE
"vrooom vrooomm"

THAT'S ALL FOR NOW....Thanks for visiting!