Las Vegas Nevada
May 2001

by Ruthi

Remember, the Bishop story...well the Dually is still not runnin under her own power. So Bob Hallock, bless his heart, offered to load us up and bring us out.

The rondevue time is 9am Friday morning. We're set with all the parts and supplies stacked and ready to go! It was like clock work and 9am sharp we could see the tree tops moving as this giant rounds the bend. Look out! It's Bob Hallock in his big shiney red and black beauty of a semi,....he slowly saunters her into the space we have saved for him with 4 cars, 3 tables, 2 neihbors and a friend(thought I heard x-mas music). This was such a side show for the entire neihborhood. Everyone young and old alike were out in their P.J's with cameras, posing infront of the car. There we are in our tiny suburban street with the Dragster at the edge of the grass ready to load at 9am on a school day(we live next door to a high school, new drivers, permits, etc. You know the nightmare!). As planned, we all take our positions! (Drum roll please) Frank calls out, OK! YOU CAN LET THE DOOR DOWN BOB!. . . GREAT! NOW. . .LET..IT..DOWN..THE...REST...OF...THE...WAY! (clears throat). . . .OK! BOB! . . . .LET HER DOWN!. . . . BOB? . . . . .BOB?

"It worked great yesterday" Bob exclaims with a charlie brown grimmas. Maurice muttered something about uneven ground but further inspection revealed the two tabby thingys on the bottom of the right hand ram had broken welds.(raised eyebrow) Confused! Well! These are the sticky outy thingys that fit into the sticky inny thingys on the door that does a rightup left down deal. They were broken off.
Not only were they broken off, not only would the door not work but there was now, what looked like, a gallon of fluid leaking out of the door as well. We learned that those were broken after noticing the hydraulic fluid. Oh yeh! did I tell you that the hydraulic oil came from the broken hydraulic system as a result of the broken sticky outy thingys. It's all very simple!
(Yep! . . . .May in Vegas!!!! Getting there, as always was going to be a challenge. It's not the 13th, but it's got it's possibilities and Good Ol' Murphy's Law was being re-written. . . . in something equivalent to "War and Peace". )
The damn door won't open. . . .

So....Todd had to climb up ontop of the trailer and bear hug this slick 10 foot long, 110lbs ram, covered with glopps of grease and hydraulic fluid, and balance himself at the very back corner of the trailer while Bob's son Benny reaches between Todd's legs and tightens the clamp as Todd raises the ram
inch by inch.
Todd, quietly prays for Benny's accuracy.

Can you say tedius! But! They were victorius!Frank welded, these sticky outy thingys that fit into the sticky inny thingys on the door that does a rightup left down deal, back on.And then!Todd and Benny started the whole process all over again!Only in reverse!

None of this could have happened without out our top notch team at
Ground Control!

8 hours later!

We are finally loading the car!
Frank,(after noting that Bob never got dirty), suspicions, (with raised eyebrow and tilted head), that this was all just a devious plot on the part of Hallock to get, these sticky outy thingys that fit into the sticky inny thingys on the door that does
the rightup left down deal, fixed.

4 hours later we are in Vegas! Things are looking up!

Maurece in shorts, Whew! I'd wake up for that. A regular walkin, talkin, sex machine.


We came in with a roar, shot ourselves in the foot and while checking the adjustments we turned around and shot ourselves in the other foot.

Team Quotes!
"We've never had this much fun making ourselves look so completely stupid"

"We were completely successful, at capturing everyones attention and not getting down the track"

"Boy! Those were a couple a great burn outs"

Thanks Pammy! That was the best PR we've ever gotten for NOT getting the car down the track!

Pammy announcing me as the staging Deva was the only thing to laugh about here. . . . Drummond not remembering me wasn't.

Best pit area we've ever had, the hot dogs were great. I wasn't hungry at all while we packed up Saturday night.

"Can't remember ever, in all my years of racing, not getting past burnout! Ever!

Prospero says "Riva Ras Regas!"

More Drag Racing Family and Friends!

We accomplished what we set out to do. We oiled down the Vegas track not once but twice. Done! Gotta Go!
See you in Pomona!
(don't forget your sunscreen)
"vrooom vrooomm"

(Photo by Mike Boersma)