MARCH 2004
"The Blower Shop"
by Ruthi A. Hedge

Home away from home, here we are at "The Blower Shop" ready and willing to put Ron's 6 year dream together. pssst (I'm not really working on it, I'm just here as moral support. . . .and to sleep with Frank).

Tom Shelar and his mom suggested that we use their motor home and we said, hmmmmmm OK!
They started that thing up on Thursday night about 11pm and boy was Ron smiling, and Frank was strutting around. Ron's dad was there (did you know that he plays banjo). Anyway, wow! The first try, put in the key and she fired right up. He never siezes to amaze me and a few others as well, While the guys were working on the dyno Ron Sr. and I were in the office going over banjo facts and fiction, and of course the worst banjo jokes we'd heard lately. . . .tooo awful to mention here. We had hoped to get together and make beautiful music before Frank and I had to leave, but I guess that wasn't meant to be.....did I hear some one say "thank God"!

It's Friday night and they are gonna start this baby up. Ron's been running around here with a grin on his face and came in early this morning with that same grin on his face. By the time Frank got out to the shop Ron had stacks on it making is look like some bastardized version of a diesel racing truck.
The guys at "The Blower Shop" have been great, we are going to miss them. Being called "sunshine" by a group of guys could get real habit forming quick. It was a lot of fun and they were so accommodating of our needs while Frank was helping them. They were wonderful.

Zoda (the White Cockatoo) eases down Frank's left shoulder to his left hand and sits quietly watching him and asking him "what are ya doin" Frank tells him and then when the moment is just right Zoda grabs the wrench in Frank's hand and tactically dodges his attempts to retrieve his tool and escapes up Frank's right arm and up to the back of his neck with wrench in tow. He was actually playing tag with Frank and it wasn't all that easy to get the wrench back, not because he hung on so tight but because he was so fast.

Zoda has become our Aviautotronics Specialist!

See What I mean about the Semi Truck with Smoke Stacks!

"Well that's all for now!

"vrooom vrooomm"
See you at the CHRR!