MARCH 2001
by Ruthi


Next weekend meet us right here for the latest scoop and pics from Famoso Raceway. But until next week here's the "scoop"!

She's a beauty! This beauty of a scoop is just a touch of T-Slicks artistic engineering!
Man are we proud!
This is our new Gibson/Miller Injector! Hello 2001! We had to go back to the 60's to bring us up to speed. So I guess that makes it the . . . "Slick Scoop"!

All the boys went out and played with the new toys and they came back excited, pooped and very happy!

Just after the test on Saturday! Kids! Do not attempt this at home! There is even less space on the other side to park this thing. hmmm!
As you all know by now "Techno" Tim Gibson is our official driver, he has signed on with Team Mastercam for another year? Tim is the latest driver to sit behind the wheel and survive the Hedge factor.
Gibson is the 6th top fuel driver in Rootbeer's 41 years of racing! not bad! This March Meet marks the one year anniversary since Tim's first front engine top fuel dragster experience(ours).
Whew! "That got my attention" Tim said as he slithered out of the seat, (I wanted to say "cockpit", Frank said "You would"). Why Tim Gibson? We picked Tim because. . . well. . . you probably think it's because he's really smart, or because of his good looks and sexy body or because of his racing reputation or his technical insight or because he's a college graduate and a member of one of them things "suma cum loudly"(or something like that) and knows ALL them secret handshakes. NO!.....The real reason was seeing him sitting in the car (still in the trailer) and hearing him utter a most refined "vrooom vrooomm". That's why he was chosen, he loves this sport! I mean he REALLY loves this sport!

Here we go! See you in Bakersfield!!!! YIPPPEEEE
"vrooom vrooomm"