The Rootbeer Report!

Oklahoma! What an outstanding Crew, they

      really made everyone stand up and take notice!!! Frank stood up and took

      notice, from the stands that is. This was a first in his historical

      career. The doctor's would not let him get any closer than the top of the

      stands(knowing that saying no race would do no good) the serious vibration

      would destroy the healing so soon after his eye surgery. But what a night

      for him to be standing there. This was a great moment for Frank as well as

      the team!!! Talk about an exciting time, the frantic happenings in

      Oklahoma with Frank's eye surgery and the team breaking their backs to get

      the car up and running. What a rush, as the car purred out a low E.T and

      No 1 qualifier...they cried...I pee'd my pants! Oh Baby!!!!

Our 6.21 to Champions's 6.23 put us in the

      shoot out and the Champion team wasted no time in preparing for this

      auspicious event by showing up at the starting line in full get up. With

      piston and rod as a pistol and spark plugs as bullets and a good guy

      cowboy hat of white, there was no mistaking...they were ready!