The Rootbeer Report!

Boise, Idaho! What a great group of people in Idaho! I've never

seen an audience like that!  It felt like the racers and the audience were one huge team.

It was incredible. Tim Gibson was hot and heavy with the NHRA stuff so Mike Boyd filled in for

3 races.  Thanks Mike.


Mike Boyd took the record from the "Wheeler Dealer"

car for harvesting the deepest in a corn field beyond the end of the track

“with a top fuel dragster.”

He not only ran a fine race but brought back corn, husked and ready to go for dinner. What a guy! Suprisingly there wasn't much damage but man was this car  full of rocks and dirt.  We had to pull the whole thing apart and wash it down before we could even think about tuning it.  But we cleaned her up and took her out and beat Kent Terry.


Mike would make a lap in the Rootbeer ride and then jump over into the seat of the Winged Express.  Are his eyes glazed over from fatigue or was

he drugged from the excitement? Oh but wait, it gets better...

Frank's eye had been going bad all week and needed attention, so after the race we headed out and had Frank to a doctor and in surgery by 7am in Oklahoma City on Thursday. Mousey and the Wing followed us and was right there with us for the two faced Cadillac in Wyoming and the free watermelon with fill ups in Nebraska.  Frank recovered from a detached retina and still has sight in his left eye.  All is well.

Ah Nebraska!  Yep that’s right, a free slice of white watermelon with every fill up!

Ya, just can’t make this stuff up.


Love you!


(Top: Richard Schroeder,

Richard Carlson, Snowmobile races, Tim Marshal, Mike and Dustin Boyd)


( Bottom: Top Fuel Harvester

covered in Mud, Richard Schroeder and Frank)