Remembering Indy 2000!!!
Indy with Troy Green and his nephew Dakota! What a little trooper he was(Dakota that is). Ya know they could not have run the car without him. Running around organizing parts. I knew he was in charge the moment I saw that red grease rag dangling out of his hip pocket. So I said "hey Troy, what got you hooked on this crazy sport. What could have ever made you decide to get into something like this"? he said "Frank did". I said, "how so" and Troy responded "while watching the races I saw this old Drag Racer that I had admired for so many years and asked him a question about my own car and this man turned around stopped and took the time to answer my questions and make sure that I understood what he was telling me. Troy said" that was it, I just had only a taste of drag racing to that point but his frankness and encouragement kicked me over the edge. Frank was speechless. I say, that was smoooooooth Troy! Definitely the right answer.

Remembering Indy 2000!!!
Indy! Wow. Some of my most memorable and endearing moments. A young man(Jeff Hendricks), came to Frank and asked some questions about their car and what they were doing. Frank offered some advice they applied it and their car ran better. They came back and asked for more advise and Frank introduced them to Tim and then to Tom and then to Walt and then before we knew it everyone was helping them. Their car was running better and quicker and faster and...even better to the tune of their all time best. What a satisfiying day. After their car had run in the mid six's the look on Jeff's face was priceless. Frank and Walt remembered back when someone else had helped them in much the same way. They knew how Jeff felt at that moment and they recognized that look on his face. Others looked puzzled when Walt and Frank could be seen with tears in their eyes. When I ask Frank what he remembered most about Indy last year he refers to the Hendricks and the simple pleasure it brought to everyone involved.

Ya know....We meet the nicest people in the staging lanes. Gary Meadors was very impressed with our crew! Hey Drummond...the tracks over here!