"The Root Beer Report 2014"

Hello! It's Ruthi, yep I'm back to bring you more of what's up with "Rootbeer" now; as well as dig into the past and pull out some of the stories that make a difference and remind us of who we are and perhaps who we'd like to be. I hope to capture them before they get lost in time, and who better to get them from than the living legends themselves.
Your personally invited to come along for the ride.
So....hook up your chin strap,
tighten that crotch strap,
get in the groove and hang on!

Give a listen to “Hutch & Hedge” tell secrets about the past!
George “Stone age man” Hutcheson & Frank “Rootbeer” Hedge!

Frank and Friends!
Franks Drivers!







Thanks for joining us!
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so please visit often;
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