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Ruthi has become one of the most popular artists in the Rio Grande Valley! And there is a reason.

The following is a transcript from a recent interview with the Winter Texan Times!

WTT: You are one of the artists with the most bookings in the Rio Grande Valley. According to your schedule, you are booked for 80 of your 109 nights in the Valley. How did that come about?

Ruthi: That is a question that a number of performers have been asking me. Truthfully, it's a lot of hard work. I love forming personal relationships and dealing openly and honestly with the park directors and business owners, and they respond in kind.

WTT: Does this mean that you do your own bookings?

Ruthi: Absolutely! I love the interaction of the set up I call it "performance foreplay".

WTT: Is that why you don't use an agent?

Ruthi: Yes that is part of it, but on top of that an agent adds to the cost and that is paid either by the park, the patron or the artist. I prefer to deal directly with the venues and take responsibility for myself.

WTT: A lot of big names have agents, do you plan on having an agent in the future?

Ruthi: Major headliners have agents that handle them personally. When that time comes for me, I will hire my own personal agent not a Talent Scout that handles many artists.

WTT: What brought you to the Rio Grande Valley?

Ruthi: My dear friend Bonny Carinder in Oklahoma insisted that I come here so I did, she said "you will love it and they will love you". I came out here never imagining the reception and welcome I have received. It's been phenomenal!

WTT: Do you plan on continuing in the Rio Grande Valley?

Ruthi: Oh yes, the schedule for next year is already filling up. It's very encouraging and exciting. I guess that makes me a Winter Texan Too.

WTT: What would you say is your greatest success here in the Valley?

Ruthi: Everything has been a success, but what stands out in my mind is the Mustang Lounge in Weslaco! This was a Winter Texan venue idea that I proposed to the owners last year. I began planning and preparing thinking it would take at least a month for it catch on. To my surprise the very first Tuesday was a packed house and it has gotten bigger every week. The great response from the Winter Texans and the RGV residents has been an unbelievable experience.

WTT: You obviously love what you do, what is it that you love most about this business?

Ruthi: It's communicating a message through a song and having it clearly understood either with laughter or tears or a full dance floor; it is my audience.

WTT: Do you perform any of your own music?

Ruthi: Yes I do, usually one song per performance. The response to that has been awesome. It is especially moving when your song is requested a second time at the same performance.

WTT: Do you have an album?

Ruthi: Yes, the one that is available at my shows and dances consists of 7 of my childhood favorites that were my parents most loved songs. The album ends with a little twist.

WTT: What do you have planned for the future?

Ruthi: I have several proposals in the works to do an album that is 50% my own works and 50% covers with my own arrangements. We are very excited about this while still remaining realistic. The hardest part about the process is finding the right team who works honestly and ethically and believes in your abilities and loves what you do. Until you find that team you are your own best representative. It's not easy but so far it has been worth it.

WTT: When your not in the RGV what do you do?

Ruthi: I'm home in Oklahoma, I usually don't seek out work when I'm there I try to make it my summer vacation. It is my time to prepare for new shows. I also slip in a 14 day 14 show tour to Oregon and a number of local performances.

WTT: Do you have any advice for new artists to the RGV?

Ruthi: There are plenty of places to entertain, it is just a matter of being willing to get out there and pound the pavement to find them. Be honest, on time and prepared with your very best. Your talent will speak for itself.

WTT: Before we close this interview is there anything else you'd like to say?

Ruthi: I'd like to thank all the business Owners, parks and activities Directors, Winter Texans, Rio Grande Valley Residents, Rod Graham at The Winter Texan Connection and last but not least Winter Texan Times for their hard work and support for making this experience so fulfilling.

For information call Ruthi direct at 405-326-3829.