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RUTHI: On-Stage Smorgasbord
Mary Sue H Rosenberger

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RUTHI: on-stage smorgasbord

During the past six seasons, Ruthi has sung her way into the hearts of many fans in the Rio Grande Valley. Her new show for the 2013-2014 season will showcase many other talents of this walking, talking "entertainment smorgasbord."

She'll be singing, of course, and if the music moves you, she invites you to dance.
Jokes and stories will be part of her routine. She'll look as stunning as a fashionista in costumes she has designed and created. But, pay attention and watch carefully! She's come prepared for some additional fashion surprises to entertain you and keep you wondering what's coming next!

This year, she and her husband - and sound man - Frank are offering something new for you: the chance to have a picture taken with Ruthi. At intermission or following many of her shows, opportunity will be given for a photo-shoot with this multi-talented artist.
This gift will be a momento of a special evening spent enjoying her on-stage "entertainment smorgasbord." Come! Get your fill - and it's not even fattening!

Ruthi's complete schedule can be found on her web site at
You can also call her directly at (405) 326-3829.
Submitted by MarySue H Rosenberger