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Behind Bars ... Winter Texan Times (2013)

Popular singer/entertainer Ruthi has returned to the Rio Grande Valley for her sixth winter season despite being detained at the close of last season by the Boredom Patrol. Chief Detective Mundane charged her with inciting to riots of fun, frivolity, and enjoyment in public places. Armed only with a microphone and a cowboy hat, the Boredom Patrol considers her

dangerous and contagious, especially to all those who complain
"There's nothing to do in the Valley."

In her defense, she blames her husband Frank, the sound man, as "the brains behind our operation." There may be some truth to that because his challenge to her audiences is, "If you're not having fun, we're going home!"

Chief Detective Mundane had ordered her to entertain behind Bars.
She will be allowed visitors Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays behind these Bars:
The Mustang Lounge, Tuesdays. The most elegant bar in the Valley!
Riderz Bar and Grill, Wednesdays. This is your place!
Winks Saloon, Grill & Roping Arena, Thursdays. Where the real cowboys are!

But, watch out! Listening to old favorites and new hits sung in Ruthi's unique, crowd-pleasing style could draw you into her brand of musical magic! Then you, too, might become an accessory to her crimes of disturbing the peace and having too much fun!

Check the "Wintertainers" section in this paper for Ruthi's complete schedule or check out her web site:
You can also phone her directly at (405)326-3829