A ball of energy exploding with the crowd ...
you'll love her show and want to come back time after time!

Ruthi's Rock-n-Country is just that. It is upbeat Classic and Current Country, Classic Rock, Rockabilly, Swing and Blues. If it makes you move, that's what you are gonna hear!

Ruthi sings from the heart in her smooth captivating style that will make you want to slow dance real close and then she will belt out a classic rock that will take you to another time and place and surely make you want to move your feet.

Classic country dancers, Swing Dancers and Line dance enthusiasts will find something to love.

Entertaining numbers from 20 to 25,000, Ruthi has performed in nearly every venue including nightclubs, saloons, rodeos, banquets, fairs and conventions.

Ruthi has won many female vocalist awards and was a finalist in the Tim McGraw Country Idol Contest. She is a professional in every sense, complete with her own sound technician. From soft and low for a small intimate house to rocking the rafters in an arena, Ruthi tailors her performance to her audience.

Quoting a radio personality on WEFT:
"Even if you don't like country music, you could still listen to her for hours."

Considered to be one of the most energetic talents in the music world, Ruthi's One Woman Show is one you won't want to miss!.

Check Ruthi's schedule and come enjoy her dynamic performance when she is near you.

You won't be disappointed!

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Visit Ruthi's YouTube channel to see her exciting performances Click Here for YouTube

Ruthi is a frequent guest seen on RFD TV's Midwest Country!
As a traveling performer she has entertained on the Opry stages of Oklahoma as well as Arizona, California, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Wyoming and of course Texas. At home with any crowd from 20 to 20,000; Whether it's a banquet dinner at the prestige's Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City or a street dance for a small town weekend in any-town USA.

WEFT Radio calls Ruthi; "the best bang for the buck in the business".

KFLS Radio says "she's the best un-known that we've ever known"!

Rooted in America's music, not just country; Old & New Rock, Pop, Blues & Line Dancing etc. Whatever the genre ... with a touch of French & Spanish as well. A multi talented singer. She has the ability to deliver country with country style, rock with a rock style and blues with a blues style. Her heart throb delivery of a love song brings her audiences to tears.

The "Ruthi Experience" is not just one person singing to a group, she is a ball of energy exploding with the crowd; they love it and they show it by coming back time after time!